Meet the Team

Our Staff

Rabbi Rafi Eis / CEO

Rabbi Rafi Eis is CEO of Mekorot Learning, where he leads the development of Mekorot's Smart Tanach app and promotes Judaic studies standards, Blended Learning and school affordability. He is also a Ra"m at Midreshet Lindenbaum, where he teaches Gemara and Tanach. Rabbi Eis was previously Interim Head of School and Assistant Head of School for Judaic Studies at Kohelet Yeshiva High School. During his time at Kohelet enrollment increased by 40% and the school developed a reputation as an educational innovator. He earned semicha, an M.S in Jewish Education, and a B.A. in English Literature from Yeshiva University.

Dr. Les Spero / Senior Adviser

Dr. Les Spero uses his background as an entrepreneur, Wharton professor, and communal leader to guide the Mekorot vision. Dr. Spero has a Doctorate from Harvard Business School and has founded successful start-ups for the past 4 decades.

Jonathan Seligsohn / Developer

Jonathan Seligsohn, born in the digital age, is a self-taught techie. Although he majored in Mathematics at Yeshiva College, he yearned to learn more about Computer Science. Through online tutorials and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) he has gradually educated himself in all things web programming. He also has a growing interest in graphic design and video editing. Previously, he was an "iPad teacher leader" and technology specialist at Kohelet Yeshiva High School, responsible for a school-wide implementation of a one-to-one iPad program. A life-long learner, he plans to always be on top of the latest technologies.

Asher Coren / Developer

Asher received both his Master's in Business Administration and B.S. in Computer Science from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Prior to his work at Mekorot he worked as a Judaic Studies teacher in Kohelet Yeshiva High School and he worked for a small Israeli start-up company, developing Mobile Apps.