About Us


Mekorot's uniquely developed curriculum enables students to learn, review, and progress at their own individualized pace within the context of a classroom. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, Mekorot's content is created specifically to be hosted on the leading learning management platforms, enhancing the interactivity and accountability through each educational module.


Costs for education, both public and private have spiraled out of control in recent decades. While blended learning has not been around long enough to make definitive declarations the following is known: By providing top quality education, accessible everywhere, more communities become viable options for families using Jewish education as their top priority for finding a place to live, this by definition enhances affordability of Jewish living, by increasing options of places to live. It is also strongly believed that schools implementing blended learning with savings in mind, can save up to 40% of their current costs.


Parents and students are not only customers but investors in Jewish education for the Jewish future. All investors look for an articulated return on their investment. Mekorot's scalable curriculum and unique communication features, enable real-time knowledge and feedback for teachers, students, parents, and administrators.


When a student receives instantaneous feedback, both positive and negative, as well as guidance for where to progress or what to review, in addition to metrics and accountability, that student will maximize their learning potential each and every day. 

Blended Learning

Blended Learning combines traditional teacher-led instruction with other learning methods such as on-line learning, project-based learning, small group work, chavruta, and one-to-one tutorials. This integrated approach to teaching takes advantage of four essential ingredients of outstanding education:

• Individualized, tailored instruction differentiated for the student’s needs
• Personal connection and guidance from a caring subject matter expert
• Requiring students to take more responsibility for their learning
• Achieving and exhibiting mastery of concepts, facts and application.

The goal of blended learning is to impart learning to each child at his/her own pace and capability resulting in differentiated learning for each child. The technology-enabled ‘online lessons’ make it possible to give students individualized feedback minute-by-instructional minute, and then guide the student to the lesson needed at that moment. The personal element fosters connecting students emotionally as well as cognitively to both the subject matter and to people who are similarly engaged.

Blended learning facilitates teachers maximizing their contact time with students in the specific areas most needed by that student. Blended learning also increases differentiation in terms of learning preferences and facilitates project work as well as higher cognitive thinking skills. The ultimate goal is thorough understanding and transfer to life.