21st Century Education

Mekorot revolutionizes content delivery, creating engaging and dynamic 21st century learning for Jewish students everywhere.

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Blended Learning

Mekorot employs a unique approach to Jewish education—integrating Jewish texts with a Learning Management System that keeps students engaged and productive.

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Our Challenge

Jewish Education is the only proven investment for a stronger Jewish tomorrow. However, the Jewish educational system is not financially sustainable and students are falling through the cracks. Jewish Education is not alone with these challenges. All forms of public and private education are facing these obstacles, and it is generally believed that education is at a cross-roads not encountered in over a hundred years.

Our Product

Mekorot creates, publishes, and curates Judaic studies courses, specifically designed for 21st century learning. Our guiding philosophies, are anchored in the eternal relevance and critical importance of Judaic studies—not merely as subjects, but as a way of life. Therefore, Mekorot develops its education using the most cutting edge educational techniques, revolving around scope and sequence, as well as accountablity and accessability.

Our Vision

Mekorot makes outstanding Judaic studies courses accessible everywhere at any time. Using the blended teaching model of tomorrow, Mekorot is making Jewish day school affordability, excellence, and sustainability, a reality of today.